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  • How Can We Help Dyspraxic Learners?

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    There is no cure for dyspraxia, there are ways teachers can help dyspraxic learners so they are able to manage much better throughout life. Educators are expected to be psychologists, physicians, and psychiatrists. We don’t just have to teach children, but we have to know what is going on in...

  • How to Become A Tutor

    By Alan Peters, 24 Jan 2020

    Anybody can be a tutor.  However, not everybody can be a good one.  Some experience of teaching is really a must, but assuming that as given, there are then three options

    • Employment as a 1-1 tutor in a school (a decent, if decreasing, option but not the subject of this...

  • How do schools vary around the world?

    By Charles Feliciano, 24 Jan 2020

    Every year in September students all over the UK return to school. This busy time normally sees a surge of parents and students rushing around to prepare for the new academic year. The same that happens in...

  • How to deal with difficult colleagues

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    It is absolutely normal to have difficult colleagues in staff room. In a perfect world, the school staff room would be a place of harmony and support. Ideally, in any school its staff will embrace a shared vision and will pull together in the same direction at all times. But, that’s the ideal...

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  • Moving Up – Joining the Senior Leadership Team

    By Alan Peters, 24 Jan 2020

    The most significant step on the path to the four lettered door is the one that takes us to senior leadership.  As the challenge (and there’s a euphemistic word if there was one) of facing the Chair of Governors loomed, it was those experiences of senior leadership that kept me sane. ...

  • How to Increase Pupil Engagement

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    How do we increase pupil engagement when attention spans appear to be getting shorter every year? Whether you teach elementary or high school, you face the same problems as other educators all over the world. In this day and age, with all of the technology and devices we carry on ourselves at all...

  • Why Teachers Leave the Profession?

    By Alan Peters, 24 Jan 2020

    The reasons why teachers leave the profession are manifold, and the numbers are worrying.  With recruitment already falling short of demand and pupil numbers growing (there will be 3 million secondary aged pupils by 2025), a crisis is just around the corner.  In fact, it has probably...

  • Why every child should learn coding

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    Coding is now a part of the compulsory curriculum in the UK, from age 5 to 14. In some circles, coding is seen as a 21st century skill that has become as important as reading, writing and arithmetic. We often hear that coding skills are considered vital to improve the future employment prospects...

  • Teacher training applications fall: What can be done?

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    The latest UCAS Teaching training statistics show that the total number of teacher training applications fell by 4% in July. This is an improvement on the dreadful figures from the previous month, when...

  • How to move from modular to linear exams

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    Much has changed in the GCSE exam system over the last few years. It was once a flexible, modular system with coursework/controlled assessment and exams that could be sat at various points in a course. Now it has become an entirely linear model with exams only available at the end of the course....