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  • Top 9 Test Maker Software for Teachers and Educators

    06 Jul 2020

    Due to the coronavirus lock down, educational software solutions have truly garnered public attention in the past few months.

  • Time to hit the books: Discover the best reading challenges for kids in 2020

    30 May 2020

    Getting your children interested in reading books can be difficult and a lot of us wonder how to motivate reluctant readers. But reading is super beneficial for children in the long run, so we’ve gathered together this easy reading challenge list for kids of all ages.

  • The Problem Of Ageism In The Teaching Profession

    17 May 2020

    There is now overwhelming evidence to back up the claim that there is now a major problem with ageism in the teaching profession. Experienced teachers and older professionals are highly valued by pupils, parents and newly (and recently) qualified teachers. However, it is definitely the case that some headteachers and school leaderships are not convinced.

  • Government supports bill to cut school uniform costs for parents

    17 May 2020

    It’s unusual for any government of the day to support a Private Member’s Bill, but following a newspaper campaign, the bill introduced by Labour MP, Mike Amesbury, has received almost universal support across the House of Commons and is set to become law.

  • Teacher Mental Health Can be Affected by Fear of Falling Ill

    28 Apr 2020

    American teachers face a wide array of on-the-job risks, but the major one brought to light by the recent SARS-CoV-2 outbreak is disease transmission. The CDC stated that in order to prevent mass infection during an outbreak, groups of 10 or more should be avoided.

  • The Impact of Coronavirus on Education

    21 Apr 2020

    Closing schools has to be the correct decision in the circumstances. The case can certainly be made, though, that this should have happened earlier, before Coronavirus took too firm a hold on the